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How to Change Font Color in WordPress

My first how to post. I’m excited. Since my goal is to help everyone out as much as possible. And as of right now I have not discounted the possibility of an online business being a viable passive income stream. My first “How To” will be about blogging (I’m sure there will be a whole section of this site dedicated to this).

Change the Font Color in WordPress

In my first post I wrote: Walter Lippmann spoke of men who plant trees that other men will sit under. Ben Graham was such a man.” Well I didn’t write it; rather I quoted Warren Buffet, but you get the idea. How did I get the font to change colors? Well I could have used the default wordpress platform to change the font color to a few basic choices. I probably could have also installed a plugin. But I’m lazy. I Googled (just remembered “Googled” is not a word thanks to my spell check) how to create a hex color code (#ffffff) such as the one below:

<span style=”color: #339900;”>”Walter Lippmann spoke of men who plant trees that other men will sit under. Ben Graham was such a man.”</span>

Here’s what I found to change the font color:

  1. Create your color code. You can us this website or any other.
  2. Replace #ffffff with your color code and XXX with the text you want to show in this code: <span style=”color: #ffffff;”>XXX</span>
  3. Place the code into the wordpress text editor and voila, you’re done!



Planting a Tree

I chose to name this community after a quote that has always stuck with me… In the preface of The Intelligent Investor Warren Buffet wrote: “Walter Lippmann spoke of men who plant trees that other men will sit under. Ben Graham was such a man.”

I’m not sure why I’ve always remembered this quote. Perhaps you could attribute it to my reverence of Mr. Buffet as an Investor/Philanthropist, or maybe its just that I hope to one day plant my own tree that other men will sit under. Either way, it seemed like the right name.

My goal here is to start an open community of like minded individuals who are trying to improve themselves. While I am still on my own journey, I plan to document all that I learn to help others on their path. And I ask you to do the same with your experiences. Share as much as you’d like. You can use your name, a pseudonym, whatever…  It doesnt matter as long as you post content that can be of value. In fact, stop reading this post and register for this site right now.

However, if sharing is not your thing; I can understand that. My only goal here is to provide a valuable resource and reach as many people as I can. That’s why all our content is free, because the purpose of this site is to truly help.

Anyway, that’s about it… Not gonna lie, its a bit odd writing for noone since I don’t have any visitors yet. But I’m sure you guys will eventually find your way here. See you soon!